Ginbot 7 held it's first meeting in London


Posted 23rd June 2008

Abbay Media Staff,

LONDON; Yesterday, Sunday 22 June 08, Ginbot 7 Movement for Justice, Freedom and Democracy held a successful meeting in the UK. Hundreds of Ethiopians attended this first Ginbot 7 meeting in London. Higher officials of the movement, Dr Berhanu Nega and Ato Andargachew Tsige were present to address the public. This is the third meeting in the past week of the European tour by Dr Berhanu Nega.

After opening the meeting with a minute silence for the martyrs of democracy in Ethiopia, opening speeches were given and preceded to questions and answers session, which lead to various interesting discussions regarding the movement and the current political situation in Ethiopia.

To put to rest the misconception held by some guests at the meeting that “Ginbot 7 Movement is the result of the crises within Kinijit”, the speakers explained why that is not the case and elaborated in great length on the true reasons behind the formation of the movement.

Ato Andargachew Tsige and Dr Berhanu addressed the guests and clarified the fundamental reason behind the need and creation of the movement, by referring to nature of TPLF’s stubborn and dictatorial political attitude towards political oppositions parties and the entire Civic Organizations. After considerably re-analyzing the current TPLF’s regime stance and the open dictatorship unveiled in the country since the post 2005 elections, Dr Berhanu and Ato Andargachew explained why, together with their colleagues came to the conclusion of the need for a movement which will employ all kinds and means of struggle to reach its stated goal of realizing a democratic governance in Ethiopia. To find out more on the reasons refer to the 14th May 2008 press release and the program of the movement available at .

All though the event was simply to introduce the movement to the general public, at the end of the meeting guests voluntarily requested and contributed to the movement. It was also announced that major fundraising events in London and around the World would be announced in the near future.

Ethiopians in London expressed their commitments to support the Ginbot 7 movement.



  1. It is nice to see how CUD become like – cluster bomb. Created more than one group
    to challenge EPRDF by confusing it. Some are in Addis Ababa and use ‘peaceful’ means to live in Ethiopia- as living in the bushes or cave of ‘foxes’ it cold, meddy, rainy or dry ,without water, and not cmfortable. They prefered to launch
    imported ideology of ‘peaceful struggle’ which has no practibility as they in their heart know that if they get power they will make the whole TPLF members suffer. That has little chance,however. They pretend to be ‘peaceful’ deep they blieve in the distruciton of our democracy. If our country is threatned we should not let this ‘double standards’ to confuse us. They are the same people with the same agenda of ‘street insurgency’ wither they declair it or not; whther they call it peaceful or not. What is good for Birtukan is that now politics is giving her a living! But she is green politician who thinks EPRDF is full, and forgets that a lot of bloodshed happened when she was arrested! When the time come, we need to aske her who pays for loss of lives during here arrest. Is it not isurgency? Talk of peace will never compensate that bloodshed she and gashe Hilu and even Lidetu caused without mentioning the once who runaway from justice.

    They think we don’t know their deep seated tactics that they all are the same groups of ‘remenants of Derge criminals’.

  2. Haranshi

    Wether one likes it or not – Eritrea is going to be real power in the region. It is very critical that TPLF members use the current balance of conditions, both locally and internationally, to remove Isayas now, without delay. If this opportunity passes. Forget it TPLF will be indanger as organization, ofcourse meles thinks he can runaway when the TPLF innocents suffer for his mistakes. See the momentum in Somalia, See the support shabia is getting from the Arab world, see the change of game of ‘terrorism stuff’. So for Tigray people and other Ethiopians the only time to remove Isayas is now- withing months. Otherwise Meles will be removed by the action of Isayas.

    Meles begs Isayas for not starting the war and ready to give him whatever he wants if it is possible quitely. As he did in Gonder,Gojjam and Gambella, Wellega bordering with Sudan. The only challenge is that still Ethiopian Heroic figures like – General Siye Abraha ,and other contemporary Yohaneses or Alulas, will not allow it to happen without being know to Tigrean people- who would be in danger of ‘genocide’ by shabia’s forces. For fear of this fact his cadres blame a true Ethiopian- Siye Abraha for being Ethiopian ,unlike the mercinary group in power led by Meles. Why is it surprise if Siye would join any Ethiopian opposition group, is he not Ethiopian?

    It is painful for Meles to realize that the Ethiopian people
    have decided to take up arms to remove him, as he realy understands that is the only way he will go to his open grave- to which he is too late. We are not fighting to make
    any external force sad or happy- we fight to give life to our children .Our children
    are Ethiopians not Eurpeans or else.

  3. Ginbot 7 has credibility problem with the public. Here are some ways it can remedy this problem:
    1. It has to state and restate a practicable and clear vision; there are others who are bent on distracting it.
    2. It has to distance itself from Eritrea and instead make contacts with forces within Ethiopia. Eritrea is simply biding its time to take advantage of a chaotic situation to install a group that does its bidding. Hence Ginbot 7’s flirtation with EPPF and other armed groups is going to end up where we started. Remember the London Conference? The US and Britain were not looking for who represented the interests of the Ethiopian people. Or even who among participants was democratic. The sole criteria for siding with a group was if the group was armed and willing to be used to further the interests of the powers. In the event that Ginbot 7 or UDJP sat with EPPF and OLF (both armed groups) they will have no chance of retaining their leadership.
    3. G7 should not allow Ethiopian Review to dictate or appear to dictate its agenda;
    4. It should recruit capable individuals (not just those with a lot of wenne) or else hire pr agency to promote its public image
    5. Write and post economic and political policy papers in major media outlets (with focus on the US and Britain.)
    6. Do not waste your time trying to bring together every group opposed to Meles; it is not possible and it is a recipe for organizational disaster
    7. The next battle is won or lost by the party that is effective in convincing donor governments
    8. Those currently in power will not survive without the support of the US and Britain. That is why I am not wholly convinced by the idea of an armed struggle. Armed struggle only extends our unending predicament.
    9. Those competent in political economy (like Dr. Seid) should challenge activities of the World Bank (in fact shame it in supporting a government that does not adhere to democratic values.)
    10. The fact that Tigrayan intellectuals (excepting Prof Tecola and now Seye) are silent should concern us all; effort should be made to bring them on board, etc

  4. Good job Dr Brhanu i will be the first member of ginbot 7 you will be the first ethiopan mandla i know u stand for true we need many ethiopan hero like u becarful wayana they will attck u different way u have to be rady don’t give up all ethiopan people with u god bless ethiopa and ginbot 7 lidar.

  5. I was pleased with how the Ginbot 7 meeting went in London. Well-done Berhanu and Andargachew. It is now down to every one of us to question ourselves on how much we should do to help this vibrant movement that aspires to bring justice, democracy, freedom and other basic themes of democracy and human rights to our beloved country. We need to get united around this movement and work towards achieving its ideals with out any hesitation whatsoever if we whole-heartedly believe that we stand for the above-mentioned themes to be in place in Ethiopia.

  6. In my view, the major problem for Ethiopian people at this time is absence of strong and trustful political party that we can follow. Especially, after the collapse of CUD, we remain with no choice and are confused which party we shall trust and support as much as we can.
    After the release of CUD leaders from prison, a number of “opposition parties” are starting to mushroom. What will be our guarantee that which parties are really working for the people of Ethiopia?
    How can we identify parties like EDEPA (Lidetus’s party), and CUD of Ayele Chamiso, so that we will no more be cheated by EPRDF?
    Because, now a day we are clearly witnessing the existence of people who are working day and night as paid appliance for Meles’s survivsl. For them, politics means a business.
    As much as possible, please try to make yourself transparent and open to Ethiopian people so that we will have the chance to know you and choose you to follow.
    Please show us democratic process from the very beginning of managing your party itself, before thinking to be a democratic leader for Ethiopia. Learn from the failure of CUD.
    Please show us true unity among nations of Ethiopia, please don’t talk much about the bad side of EPRDF only, could you please talk much and focus on alternative courses of actions you have as a prospective leader to Ethiopia?
    Please avoid using words and terminologies that endangers the unity of Ethiopia. The issue of Ethnicity in Ethiopia need really a wise leader. Try to learn from the mistakes of EPRDF.
    Thank you,
    Alebachew Teferi
    United Kingdom

  7. Ginbot 7 is having the right ‘basket’ with the ‘right solution’ contained in it to remedy
    the suffering ,pian, massaker, and bloodshed that has been systematically administered in the ‘Daying’ nation.

    Ethiopia and Ethiopians are made to look like a ‘roasted chicken’ on the tray of merciless scavengers. It is ‘moronic’ to think that Ethiopia would have hope of survival in the hands of its killers – Seyom-Meles-Brhane G/kiristos-Addisu-Tefera-samora-and few other gangisters.

    Death is all the same/ genocide is all the same / whether it is perpetrated with ‘bullet’ or ‘ballet ‘; with starvation, disease or with silent psychological warfare ;by self-styled oppositions or the Mafia govenment itself. All belong to one meta catagory.

    How many children, old and youg, mothers and intellectuals perished since the inception and coming to power of these mercinaries in Ethiopia? By now it is , to your amazment, is begger than the number of people died in Rwandan genocide and Congo’s protracted war put together. What are we waiting????????

    We cannot blame the Western powers because we support them in their fight against –
    terrorism/ as all Ethiopians do not condon loss of inocent lives/ and it is against the fundamental ‘values of humanity itself’. But tyrants and mafias like Meles are not the right partners and it is strategically wrong to think that they benifit the campain
    aginst ‘terror’. But it is our responsibility to creat alternative for the West to join us.
    Meles will soon fabricate stories to discredit /with usual tactics of blakning / ‘democratic forces like Ginbot 7’ he is just waiting until any action is taken. I blieve the West is mature enough to identify Meles as dangerious terrorist and coold blooded child killer that needs to be removed from the political landscape altogether let alone to be trusted partner in ‘terrorism’.

    Our struggle is to overcome poverty and famine once and for all. The root cause of our
    deprivation and large scale death is one – absence of genuine democracy /the problem of being ruled by ‘corrupt’ mafia clique nothing else/. Hence, there are two things to remove from Ethiopia – Famine and Meles Zenawi. Everyone has to rise to fight identical enemies of Ethiopia. The Western powers should give us chance to
    solve our problem by ourselves. We as Ethiopian ordinary citzens assure them that
    Ethiopian people and the West have same fate and any future genuine Ethiopian government will always side with them,they have to be confortable about this. No need to stick to the minority TPLF government- which is the most trecherious and unpridicatable political group and a weak link to fighting terror in the Horn of Africa.
    The organizational background and its profile is in the US record – go and see, Meles and his friends are ‘domesticated terrorists’.

    My advice to Ginbot 7 is that you have to know that the 2 million people who domonstrated in Addis Ababa in 2005 was not because of individuals that led CUD
    but because they wanted Meles to go. It is naive to think otherwise. NOw the people have seen what Meles’s democracy mean and what change of governmnet by ‘ballet’ means. They are not going to waste their engergy to follow ‘moronic tactics-
    like ‘elections’ or anyother ‘game of the mafia’ being propageted by meles or by self-styled oppositions that try to obstruct the fight to rescue Ethiopia from becoming ‘failed state’ soon. Be confident -Ginbotoch- call us where ever you are we will joint you in millions.

    We will remove these cancers once for all. God has ‘promise’ for Ethiopia – the time has come!

  8. wonderfull job, well done Ginbotoch. We are with you all the way. Just make sure not to be distructed by time waisters.

    God Bless Ethiopia