While Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation(EBC) has Blacklisted Teddy Afro, an Ethiopian Superstar Singer, Other World Popular Medias are Flying Over into his Residence.


Abbay Media News

Surafel Asrat

Our sources from the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation has revealed to us that the pre recorded interview with Ethiopia’s pop icon, Teddy Afro, has been suspended for indefinite time. It is remembered that the network had announced to air the full program in its weekend entertainment edition, however; without any clarification, EBC abruptly canceled the program.  

The  already unpopular state owned media has faced a backlash from Ethiopians since the rumors swirling around on social media.

Nevertheless, contrary to EBC, world most famous media networks such as BBC, VOA, AP, Washington Post, New York Times and many others are flying over  to the Artist’s residence located in Addis Ababa to book the interview with the singer.

In the other hand, “ Ethiopia” the newly politically charged released album breaks all time high record. Within only two weeks, more than 600,000 copies have been sold. The album also topping the billboard  world chart for solid week.