Abbay Media News
Surafel Asrat

Mr. Gedu Andargachew, the Amhara regional president, will be removed from his position by the TPLF led Ethiopian government. It is expected that the official resignation would be announced tomorrow at the Amhara National Democratic Movement’s council meeting.

According to one source who were at the meeting, off the record, told Abbay Media that Mr. Andargachew was blamed for the distributions of machine guns to the vast majority of the Amhara people. As a result, the same source who wants to be unanimous for fear of retribution if he speaks to us on the record told us that his vice president, Mr. Alemnew Mekonnen, will taking over his position as regional president.

The newly appointed president of the Amhara region by the TPLF led Ethiopian government has been known for his derogatory languages against the people of Amhara. So many members of ANDM were shocked because of the transition of power from the most popular regional  president to the most hated vice president  both by the party members and the Amhara people.