Teddy Afro’s Latest Album titled ‘Ethiopia’ Released


Abbay Media News
Samueal Tafesse

Teddy Afro’s much anticipated new album, which was released May 2nd, 2017, is being sold throughout all the major cities in Ethiopia. The album is expected to incorporate songs that are not only entertaining but also discuss social and political issues. The demand for the new album is so high, street vendors who usually sell newspapers, magazines, and other smaller items have focused on selling the album CDs. Teddy Afro is known for promoting love and unity among all Ethiopians through his music. Teddy is also remembered for releasing an album that became the unofficial anthem of the now infamous Ethiopia’s 2005 general election.

The Album incorporated a song that mildly criticized the ruling party for its promulgation of liberating Ethiopia from the brutal military regime called, Derg, but still perpetuating the same human rights violations and anti-democratic tendencies that it supposedly fought to get rid of. The song wasn’t well received by the government, and thus the regime concocted a legal issue to arrest and sentence Teddy to more than a year in jail.Once released, the government continued to harass him by sabotaging his tours within Ethiopia as well as across the world in cities where many Ethiopians live. Through it all, he has continued to sing about unity and other topics that are not particularly popular by the government.