One Killed and Several Attacked during Premier League that took Place in Mekelle


Abbay Media News
Girma Alemu

Supporters who went to Mekelle from Bahir Dar to cheer for their team during the premier league football championship was attacked by Mekelle police and supporters of Mekelle City football team. It is reported, one died while several were wounded as well as many more detained.

The cause of the incident was alleged to be the name calling and insults that was thrown at the supporters who came from Bahir Dar. The name calling was related to their ethnic origin. ‘Horse of superiority’; ‘Remnants of Menilik’; ‘We will rule over you for 100 years’; etc. were the chants that were being shouted in the stadium.

The report also included, the bus in which Bahir Dar City team was travelling was smashed and damaged extensively by the supporters of the opposition. None of the Mekelle city supporters were detained and made accountable by police.

All wounded and detained supporters of Bahir Dar City team were told to ask for pardon if they want to be released. It is alleged the attack was perpetrated by Mekelle City Football team supporters.