Letter to Prof. Paulos Milkias – By Sela Abbomsa


Dear Prof. Milkias,

I read two of your articles in which you responded to Prof. Fikre’s book. It was very harsh .

I am 42 years old. My father is Oromo and mother is Amhara. I grew up in Addis Ababa. I do not speak Orromiffa. I am married Sudanese now.

For the last ten years, I have worked in Sudan (Nubia). I can see the country in close proximity and the culture. I visited Egypt and saw many Egyptians who look like Ethiopians in Asswan Dam Area. By the way, Sudanese do not consider themselves to be Arabs.

Now my concern is that Prof. Fikre tries to present what he read and researched to the public. To be frank with you, many of us have been delighted with his book and it is time that God plans to reveal about Ethiopia. Now my question to you is that if you have any question and looking for a proof from his book, you must ask him in a polite way. I do not know why you call the book a cash cow intended to collect benefit as fairy tales and Wonderlands. I do not know Prof. Fikre . I never met him. But I met two of the young guys who have been trying to publish the book in Addis Ababa. I know how they suffered a lot to publish the book. I do not think he planned to get money from it because it was very difficult to get the readers and publishers at first.

My question is that we young generation are fed up of getting approval from white people about our history. You scholars sit together and make tangible research so that we can receive Ethiopia from you to the next generation. Avoid Ego. Be polite. Be cooperative. Dream for the future. Be involved to shape Ethiopia rather than sitting idle!

I read your second response on Ethiomedia and you attempt to prove your arguments with the views of white people. I never saw any statements from Ethiopians to prove what you said. When you challenge someone, please present the proof. Do not try to frustrate someone’s works. You are furious because Professor Fikre Tolossa rendered your outdated Eurocentric views useless.

Let me ask you a question: You said in your article that you went to Ethiopia to assist graduates and Ph.D. candidates for three months. Those graduates, what did they do for Ethiopia? We are on the verge of collapsing!!! Professor Fikre Tolossa’s book is helping to keep us together. Please don’t try to hurt our unity. I say don’t try because you will fail even if you try. We all love the book passionately. And it will inspire us and save us from an identity crisis.

Ethiopian will stretch her hands to GOD soon!