Lencho Leta and Dr. Berhanu to speak at Minnesota



Mr. Lencho Leta, the Co-founder of the Oromo Liberation Front and member of the OLF Advisory Board, is joining Dr. Berhanu Nega at Ginbot 7 meeting to be held in Minnesota on 12 July 2009. Ginbot 7 movement has also planned schedule for upcoming meetings at Chicago and other USA cities. For details click on banner below

or see details below:

Chicago, USA | July 4, 2009

Speaker: Ato Andargachew Tsige, Ginbot 7’s Secretary General
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Address: People’s Church 941 West Lawrence, Chicago IL 60640
Contact: 773 216 0332
Metro & Bus is available
See >>> Event Flyer

Atlanta, GA, USA | July 11, 2009
Speaker: Ato Andargachew Tsige, Ginbot 7’s Secretary General
Address: 6202 Memorial Drive, Stone Mountain GA 30083
Contact: 773 216 0332
More details coming soon

Minnesota, USA | July 12, 2009
Speakers: Dr Berhanu Nega, Ginbot 7’s Chairman & Mr Lencho Letta, former Vice Secretary-General of the OLF
Time: 2pm – 6pm
Address: Detail coming soon

More dates available at Ginbot 7




  1. “Leencha Woolegga”
    I enjoyed your response Statments to “Hailu’up to the very last word you added “Morone” .How can you Convince us then you’re better than Hailu ??/

  2. Leenca,
    What kind of shameful argument are you trying to present here? The alleged OLF crimes have been done on civilian so called Habesha’s in places that haven’t been known for “state of war”. btw what Haile failed to mentioned is that so many Gurages were also victims of these tragedy, which is a routine sad affair those who speak in national terms fail to live up to. The Gurages were accused by armed men for “co-operating with Amahara to robe Oromia” which is LFs state of mind and has nothing to do with war. We want to hear OLF repent itself and followers..

  3. IF we always stick to the past,there will no be change.We have to stop all that at some point.We have to work for the future!
    Smart move g7!!way to Go!

  4. it is good idea to discuss but let us not forget lencho leta and OLF worked with OPDO/TPLF to massacre many amharas between 1991-1993.

    for the sake of the victims, atleast mr. lencho should answer about the massacre of amharas

    Viva Ginbot 7