Farmers in the Northern region of Ethiopia are banned from working their land by the Ethiopian Government


Abbay Media

Shiberu Tamerat

The government of Ethiopia is banning farmers of Enqash in the northern part of Ethiopia, from working their land for allegedly helping rebels that are active in the area.

The Ethiopian government is using brute force to suppress dissent and is continuing to make life miserable to ordinary inhabitants of Gondar.

The government is banning the people of Enqash from any farm activity this season for allegedly being complicit with the rebels that bear arms against the government.

The government of Ethiopia use of tactics of pitting family members against each other by pouring resources to buy favors has been unsuccessful. Boys as young as fifteen and sixteen trained and armed were taken into the line of fire recently. Four military truck full of these young soldiers that were taken into the line of fire, half of them were killed, some abandoned their arms and disappeared from the area and the rest have reportedly joined the rebellion.