1. he is fucking ape he killed Tigray, Afar, Harar, Somali, Wast Ethiopia not Amhara and Oromo supported him? You amhara and Oromo go to Zimbabwe and sleep in his fucking house if you love him so much fuck Amhara and Oromo ape asking white man for help in every war.

    Tigray, Afar and Somalia never ask we always have been powerful only pussy ask for help. Tigray= Axum empire the strongest empire when you hear axum hear tigray and eritera piss of shit.

    First Italy war- half Amhara and half Oromo- Supported by Russia.

    Italy second war- Britian, Ethiopia tribes.

    Derg half amhara supported by USSR,CUBA,YEMEN Shit Amhara and Oromo kings.

  2. 4:356:00 ጠጥቶነበር እንዴ ሲያወራ የነበረው ተጨማለቀብኝ እኮ!!!

    የሚገርመው ግን የድሮው ችግር አሁንም እንዳለ ነው ይች ከገር እሱ ትቷት እንደሄደው ነች ምንም ለውጥ የለም ምንም።

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