Ethiopia: Another explosive thrown at the hotel in Gonder!


Abbay Media News

Surafel Asrat

A prominent diaspora media based in Washington DC, Ethiopian Satellite Television a.k.a ESAT, says in its “breaking news” segment that a hand grenade has been thrown at Entasol hotel located at Kebele 18, Gonder. As a result of the explosive, multiple individuals who were celebrating their local soccer team win against the Bank’s team inside the hotel have been critically injured and taken to the nearest hospital.

As we report this news, because of the area totally blocked by police and security forces, we could not confirm how many people exactly killed or injured during the incidence. However eye witnesses from the scene told Abbay Media that they saw many paramedics are rushing into the hotel.

Not shockingly but this is the second time within few days apart that bomb thrown at the hotel. Last week, a bomb was throwing at the Grand Hotel located at Bahir dar, the capital city of the Amhara region.