Due to the Upcoming Tana Forum, Amhara Police Officers Forced to Return Their Weapons


Abbay Media News

Samueal Tafesse

According to  Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM) officials who are also clandestine members of the rebel group, Amhara People’s Liberation Movement (APLM), Amhara police officers are forced to hand in their weapons and other gears due to the upcoming Tana Forum.

The reason behind the decision is that since many senior leaders from Ethiopia and abroad will attend Tana Forum, if a public protest reminiscent of the unrest in August starts, the Ethiopian government is afraid that many Amhara police officers will join the protest as opposed to quash it.

To maintain security during the forum, the government’s special forces as well as federal police will patrol the meeting area as well as the main avenues.