Friday, September 22, 2017
03:12 Why-Pence-is-in-Asia

Why Pence is in Asia

Stratfor East Asia Analyst John Minnich examines the motivation behind U.S. Vice President Mike Pence's trip to the region. For more analysis, visit:
01:52 A-Wealth-of-Clues-in-a-Hostage-Videovideo

A Wealth of Clues in a Hostage Video

Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton explains how videos of hostages, such as ones recently released of an American and an Australian being held...
02:09 A-Closer-Look-at-Saudi-Operations-in-Qatifvideo

A Closer Look at Saudi Operations in Qatif

Satellite imagery shows the extent of the kingdom's demolition efforts in the Shiite stronghold of Awamiyah.For more analysis, visit:
15:57 A-Generational-Challenge-to-Russian-Influencevideo

A Generational Challenge to Russian Influence

In this episode of the Stratfor Podcast, we take a look at the generational forces driving recent protests across Russia. To put those protest...
14:45 A-Former-Hostage-and-Security-Agent-Talk-Terrorismvideo

A Former Hostage and Security Agent Talk Terrorism

In 1987, American-British journalist Charles Glass was kidnapped in Beirut, spending 62 days in captivity before he escaped. Fred Burton was a special agent...
01:57 Brazil-The-Political-Consequences-of-Lula8217s-Trialvideo

Brazil: The Political Consequences of Lula’s Trial

Stratfor analyst Paulo Gregoire talks about the scenarios possible now that former Brazilian President and current presidential candidate Lula da Silva has been charged...
04:02 Chinese-Naval-Base-in-Djiboutivideo

Chinese Naval Base in Djibouti

Stratfor Senior Analyst Sim Tack examines satellite images of a Chinese military base being built in Djibouti.For more analysis, visit:
01:50 Worldview-Overview-Tourvideo

Worldview Overview Tour

For more analysis, visit:
05:43 7e64313dbdf1c6b92caa251aa324083bvideo


Senior Eurasia Analyst Eugene Chausovsky discusses Russia's hybrid warfare strategy and its impact on the Moscow-West standoff.For more analysis, visit:
02:27 Mercosur-Moves-Toward-Trade-Liberalizationvideo

Mercosur Moves Toward Trade Liberalization

Stratfor Analyst Paulo Gregoire discusses the bloc's policy tendencies, which will be on full display in an upcoming meeting in Mendoza, Argentina.For more...