Sunday, June 25, 2017
10:01 Involve-Me-8211-S01E02-8211-Boxervideo

Involve Me – S01E02 – Boxer

In this episode, 4 Ethiopian children, Ayantu, Burtukan, Bereket, & Zaynash produce their first films about their lives and their struggles.
09:47 Involve-Me-S01E03-Yemeserach.flvvideo

Involve Me – S01E03 – Yemeserach.flv

The third episode of the popular new Ethiopian youth series "Involve Me." Episode three features the first film of Yemeserach, and her amazing courage...
10:01 Involve-Me-S01E04-Semira.flvvideo

Involve Me – S01E04 – Semira.flv

Meet adorable young Semira in Involve Me, episode 4.
01:09 One-hand.flvvideo

One hand.flv

14 years old Zenash's first one minute film "One hand" got third place prize on the First Children & Youth film festival in Ethiopia.
00:58 Tsehai-Hand-Washing-Day-2011video

Tsehai – Hand Washing Day 2011

Tsehai Loves Learning is an educational preschool television program in Ethiopia. Here is a clip from the 2011 special for Hand Washing Day.
02:37 video

Involve Me Season 2 – Adane

Adane, Age 10 - Gerbegurecha, Ethiopia. His first one minute film, "Respect" conveys the importance of respecting others, regardless of their differences. What do...
03:43 Involve-Me-Season-2-Fikirvideo

Involve Me Season 2: Fikir

Fikir teaches that being properly equipped is a recipe for success in "New Start".
02:55 Involve-Me-season-2-Tewdrosvideo

Involve Me season 2 Tewdros

"Broken Marriage"
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