Wednesday, May 24, 2017
03:13 Ethiopian-Children-DVD-Cut-Clipsvideo

Ethiopian Children DVD – Cut Clips

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03:26 06-FLUENCYvideo


01:50 Little-Big-Shots-Fiddler-Singer-Carson-Peters-Episode-Highlightvideo

Little Big Shots – Fiddler-Singer Carson Peters (Episode Highlight)

Watch fiddler-singer Carson Peters perform "Blue Moon Over Kentucky" with his band. » Subscribe for More: » Little Big Shots Returns Sunday April 23 8/7c...
01:42 Eyesus-Yenefise-wedajvideo
03:13 Little-Big-Shots-Shes-Smitten-with-Skeletons-Episode-Highlightvideo

Little Big Shots – She’s Smitten with Skeletons! (Episode Highlight)

No bones about it, this 4 year-old know her way around a skeleton! » Subscribe for More: » Little Big Shots Returns Sunday April 23...
00:58 Tsehai-Hand-Washing-Day-2011video

Tsehai – Hand Washing Day 2011

Tsehai Loves Learning is an educational preschool television program in Ethiopia. Here is a clip from the 2011 special for Hand Washing Day.
02:22 Little-Big-Shots-Grab-a-One-Way-Ticket-to-Motown-Episode-Highlightvideo

Little Big Shots – Grab a One Way Ticket to Motown (Episode Highlight)

Watch Nathaniel channel Motown performers and more super talented kids on Little Big Shots, Sunday at 8/7c on NBC. » Subscribe for More: » Little...
01:46 18c29a46e1584c7b36ef58a0db7b02ebvideo

Walking with God ለኔ ግን ከእግዚአብሔር ጋር መሆን ይሻለኛል።

ተስፋ በሌለበት በዚያ በበረሃ፣ ባዶዉን ማሰሮዬን ስትሞላዉ አየሁህ ጌታ ማድጋዬ ባዶ ሆኖ ሞቴን ስጠባበቅ፣ እርሱ ጓዳዬን ሲጎበኘዉ ዘይት ዱቄቴን ሁሉ ሞላዉ። መልካም ቀን ያልፋል፣ ክፉ ቀንም...
00:41 Little-Big-Shots-The-Craziest-Little-Big-Shots-Yet-Promovideo

Little Big Shots – The Craziest Little Big Shots Yet (Promo)

Watch Little Big Shots, Sundays at 8/7c on NBC. » Subscribe for More: » Watch Little Big Shots Sundays 8/7c on NBC! » Watch Full Episodes...