Friday, June 23, 2017
10:00 Involve-Me-S01E01-Nesruvideo

Involve Me – S01E01 – Nesru

The first episode of an exciting new youth series broadcasting Sunday mornings on Ethiopian Television, by the makers of Tsehai Loves Learning. In this...
10:01 Involve-Me-8211-S01E02-8211-Boxervideo

Involve Me – S01E02 – Boxer

In this episode, 4 Ethiopian children, Ayantu, Burtukan, Bereket, & Zaynash produce their first films about their lives and their struggles.
02:51 Little-Big-Shots-No-Faking-Her-News-Reporting-Is-Fantastic-Episode-Highlightvideo

Little Big Shots – No Faking, Her News Reporting Is Fantastic! (Sneak Peek)

Watch this extraordinary little reporter and other talented youngsters on Little Big Shots, now on Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC. » Subscribe for More: »...
09:47 Involve-Me-S01E03-Yemeserach.flvvideo

Involve Me – S01E03 – Yemeserach.flv

The third episode of the popular new Ethiopian youth series "Involve Me." Episode three features the first film of Yemeserach, and her amazing courage...
10:01 Involve-Me-S01E04-Semira.flvvideo

Involve Me – S01E04 – Semira.flv

Meet adorable young Semira in Involve Me, episode 4.
01:09 One-hand.flvvideo

One hand.flv

14 years old Zenash's first one minute film "One hand" got third place prize on the First Children & Youth film festival in Ethiopia.
00:41 Little-Big-Shots-Moves-to-Wednesday-Promovideo

Little Big Shots – Moves to Wednesday (Promo)

Don't miss all the amazing little talents, returning Wednesdays starting May 31 at 8/7c on NBC. » Subscribe for More: » Little Big Shots Returns...
02:32 video

Little Big Shots – Brilliant Young Juggler (Episode Highlight)

Nash's ability to juggle and ride a unicycle simultaneously has us stunned. » Subscribe for More: » Little Big Shots Returns Wednesday May 31 8/7c...
04:36 video

Little Big Shots – Tiny Tennis Fan (Episode Highlight)

Mykal-Michelle loves tennis and we love her! » Subscribe for More: » Little Big Shots Returns Wednesday May 31 8/7c on NBC! » Watch Full Episodes...