Thursday, August 17, 2017
33:35 ESAT-Menalesh-Meti-TPLFS-agenda-on-Amhara-Tigray-23-July-2017

Trump’s Africa policy should end US aid to dictators, rights abusers ( BY ALEMAYEHU...

Earlier this month, President Donald Trump was criticized for letting his “unelected” daughter Ivanka sit in for him during the high-level “Partnership with Africa,...

African Union to build a monument to honor two former leaders of Ethiopia

Abbay Media News Shiberu Tamerat Leaders and ministers of African Union member countries attending the 29th conference in Addis Abeba Ethiopia agreed to erect a memorial statue...
01:14:24 Tensae-Radio-July-7-2017

Tensae Radio July 7 2017

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06:38 Feleke-Maru-Enshoshila

Feleke Maru – Enshoshila

"Enshoshila" by Feleke MaruEthiopian Music