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Evil forces like Boko Haram and Al_shabab together make the African continent a place of Misery

TPLF in Ethiopia can be added to these two forces. The actions of the command Post in the Northern Ethiopia is a testimony of the ethnic Tigrian minority groups determination to hang on to power using a none terminating “state of emergency”



The UN under-secretary-general for political affairs, Jeffrey Feltman has said terrorist sect, Boko Haram is currently faced with financial difficulties.

Feltman, who said this on Tuesday, while briefing the security council on the UN secretary-general’s fourth report on the threat the group poses to international peace and security efforts also noted that the group was under intense military pressure.

He, however, warned against undermining its capacity to launch fatal attacks.

“ISIL-affiliate Boko Haram is attempting to spread its influence and commit terrorist acts beyond Nigeria,” he said.

“And Boko Haram remains a serious threat, with several thousand fighters at its disposal.

“It is, however, plagued by financial difficulties and an internal power struggle, and has split in two factions.”

The sect has killed tens of thousands of Nigerians, displacing over a million people since it began operations in 2009.