Bodies of protesters remain afloat the water (by Aba Gobena )


Resistance to unjust taxation existed ever since rulers began imposing taxes on their subjects. From Magna Carta through American Revolution to French revolution, many rebellions were prompted by either resentment of taxation or had tax refusal as a component.

Protest in the street of Ambo came to effect after the regime dismayed business owners across the country with a 50% to 150% increment in tax payment suddenly. “You must abide by the new estimation and pay off as soon as possible,” iterated vehemently a tax officer in Ambo.

Abera, father of three children and a disabled wife, runs a barber in the city of Ambo where he took to the streets in protest of “economic punishment” by the regime. According to the new tax estimation , Abera needs to folk out 75000 birr a year. “I hardly make 12000 birr a year and the regime unilaterally estimated I could make in hundreds of thousands a year,” brusted into tears Abera.

The turn of the week saw protest in different parts of the country but all for the same story of dismay towards cruel punishment by the regime. Protestors were indiscriminately shot dead on the streets as usual. Abera’s district is in degeneration of desolation after regime security forces shot to death two business owners taking to the streets where bodies of protesters remain afloat the water.