Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7 Fighters Capture Members of Government’s Security Apparatus


Abbay Media News

Samueal Tafesse

 According to a press release sent to Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT), Arbegnoch Ginbot 7 conducted an operation around Tikel Dingay and Chilga qebele that led to the capturing of Sgt. Yalewqen Abebe and Const. Mulugeta, members of the Ethiopian regime’s security apparatus.
An attempt to contact and interview senior officials of the areas where the attack took place wasn’t successful.
According to our sources, the mandate Amhara regional police and special forces used to have has been revoked and has been given to members of the so-called, “command post”. Since the federal government has declared a state of emergency, the “command post” has been the highest governing body that administers the country. Any military or security related decisions are made solely by the TPLF-led command post.
Members of the local police department have been divided into two groups: those who have the confidence of the command post and those who don’t. That led for some police officers to complain that local law enforcement shouldn’t be treated as part of the military wing but rather its own independent entity. Those who protested against the command post’s actions were either fired from their posts or arrested under the guise of fabricated wrongdoings. On the other hand, those who have shown loyalty to the command post have gotten promotions and other benefits.
According to our sources, the command post has decided not to give back the regional governments the mandate to administer their own law enforcement until members of local police departments have been evaluated, and those who are sympathetic to the rebel forces (Arbegnoch-Ginbot 7) are fired from their posts. Until that’s complete, regional governments including Amhara regional government will not be privy to security related decisions made in their jurisdictions
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