A Determined, Spirited and Convinced “fighter” is the only one to win the current weak TPLF A Determined, Spirited and Convinced “fighter” is the only one to win the current weak TPLF (by Muluken Gebeyew)


TPLF (Tigray People’s Liberation Front) celebrated its 26 years on power on 28th May 2017. Unlike the outward perception, the brutal regime led by TPLF is slightly and gently cracking. In its field days and early years following control of power in 1991, its members were hard core fighters with religious type of conviction to their purpose than other life desirable events (material wealth, money, cars, relationship, houses, etc). After few years of brutal rule, majority of them converted to the latter. Its members and affiliates’ would like TPLF to rule longer  to maintain their economic, political and military power  so that they would continue to loot further and accumulate wealth to enrich themselves  and pay handouts for their servants or  paid mercenaries.

TPLF is  a minority  parasitic regime  currently bleeding, wounding, imprisoning, selling, killing and terrorizing Ethiopians for the last 26 years. It is a private company which controls Ethiopia under the pretext of political party owned by an elite ultra-Tigrayans and pro-Eritrean secession family members. It owns the Ethiopian economy, military, foreign affair, security and all the important sector of the society.

Unlike old days, they will not fight as soldiers if any bitter oppositions confront them, rather they send others to fight for them. They have the economic, military and security means to enable this. Whatever money and resources they spend; this will not be like a determined, spirited and convinced “fighter” they used to be.

The last few years, they are accustomed of “city” life; driving the latest car, owning and building luxury houses, sending their kids to best school and abroad, dating the trendy modern ladies of the town, saving millions of birr or foreign currency in local or foreign banks, etc. They tested the “sweetness” of ruler’s life. They wouldn’t dare to go back to the field and fight if a determined and spirited opposition fighting force comes.

TPLF also run out most of the tactic it has used to rule the country. People are aware of the impact of divide and rule policy, anti-democratic ethnic policy and their false propaganda. They lost a very significant chairman who was charismatic, shroud, street smart and make-believe con leader whom they couldn’t replace any persona like him. The civil uprising of Ethiopians in Central, Southern and Northern Ethiopia in 2015/16 shaken the regime until it rescued by Emergency State decree.

TPLF is no longer strong as it was but it is very rich. It owns several billions of dollars and has long reach hand. It is able to use the money it looted from Ethiopians to pay for its domestic and foreign mercenaries who work day and night for TPLF regime to continue. Unlike the former regimes, TPLF pays millions of $ to foreign lobbies to influence the international world which have been successful. The question is how long this will continue?

Just observe the media outlets and social media in Diaspora. The outspoken one which praise TPLF are led by non-Tigre (mainly ‘Amhara’). TPLF no longer needs its ‘native’ members to do such, but paid mercenaries of other ethnic members who own the radio, TV, Pal talk rooms, chat show etc.  These paid mercenaries present themselves as die hard supporters more than the “natives”.  Some of them tasked with appearance of opposition but essence of TPLF. Some are dormant chat show persons with mission to character assassination of patriotic Ethiopians under the pretext of Critic. Although many people feel sadness due to these mercenaries’ action (some of them used to be leading opposition in the past), it is not unusual for some Ethiopians to sell their soul for money and wealth despite living in “free world” where they can earn their bread by their own means. We remember that during Italian Invasion, there were many Ethiopian who were ‘Banda /Shumbashes’.

Their spies, gate keepers, affiliate members who make life miserable to majority of Ethiopian in Ethiopia are non-Tigre Ethiopians who sold their morality, humanity and soul for bread. These will not be dependable force if the wind blow the other direction. If any more offer comes, they would abandon the regime.

Unlike TPLF’s 25 years of comfortable rule, for the first time the Northern Ethiopia farmers raised arm. These will make TPLF sleepless. TPLF knows well the impact of rural people/farmers raising arm. They used farmers to be successful in their struggle for power which they achieved in 1991.

TPLF’s top brass are also ageing, and their dream of passing the power button to its new generation hasn’t been easy. There are many power mongers among themselves. These have created lots of rift among themselves. Although these days TPLF appears elephant on appearance, the truth is it is a squirrel.

The Ethiopians people anti-TPLF struggle (though currently fragmented) have to continue. Solidarity and Unity among these forces is a must to win the war. A determined, spirited and convinced “fighter” is the only to win the current weak TPLF.