Ethiopia Lags Behind in Technology Transformation


Abbay Media News

Samueal Tafesse

Last week, the Ethiopian government organized a one day conference dubbed “Ethiopia’s Industry Sectors and Its Technological Transformation.” During the conference, one of the problems highlighted was the fact that although Ethiopia has been open to adopt technological advances for more than 100 years, the population hasn’t utilized technology effectively to increase productivity . The other problem raised during the conference was that solely importing technology-based goods and not importing the means of production so that the imported goods are manufactured within Ethiopia is not a good recipe for economic growth.

During the conference, government officials discussed some of the initiatives taken by the government in order to promote import substitution and accelerate the technological transformation of the industry sectors.. The Ministry of Industry has selected certain industries to focus on creating a road map that facilitates technology transfers and knowledge sharing from other industrialized nations.


The conference was, understandably, silent about the government’s role in being an impediment to technological advancements within Ethiopia. For instance, the fact Ethiopia has one of the lowest internet penetration rate, even compared to neighboring country,  Kenya, is due to the government’s insistence in not liberalizing the telecom sector.