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ONLF Press Conference on Stalled Negotiation (Video)

Abbay Media Editor’s Note:

The current TPLF/Weyane regime in Ethiopia is oppressing the entire Ethiopian people. The solution is for the people is to unite and bring about a democratic governance in Ethiopia. Organization such ONLF can be a positive partner for change only if they recognize the facts stated before. By fighting and negotiating bilaterally with the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia, ONLF needs to realize that they are playing into Weyane’s trap of divide and rule, hence extending the life of the regime.

After the recent stalled negotiation attempt with Weyane in Kenya, ONLF gave a press conference to the Kenyan Media. Watch below the press conference given by Abdirahman Mahdi, ONLF Foreign Bureau Secretary.

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  • dymus

    ONLF should recognise that bilateral negotiations with TPLF is fruitless. TPLF has been negotiating with other ethnic liberation fronts which had ended up in total failure. The freedom of the ogaden people can not be seen separately from the freedom of the Ethiopian people as a whole. ONLF is asking for a referrrundum to decide the future of the region. A referrundum carried out under tyranny could not be a genuine referundum, therefore freedom must be secured first for all the people of Ethiopia to create the atmosphere for a fair and free and genuine referrundum. this can only happen if TPLF tyranny is removed.

    • M. Omar

      Referrundum which is not fair and free cannot be said as referrundum. On the other hand you support freedom of Ethiopian people (they need freedom for sure) and you look like opposing the freedom of Ogadeni people. Why you make conditional to the Ogadeni freedom and not the Ehtiopian people’s freedom? How do you see if first we free Ogaden and later the Ethiopian people? I know your answer will be a free nation could free another. Is it possible as an opposition group (or individual) to recognise and declare Ogadenis’ rights to self-determination (independence) before you come to the power ( or Ethiopia became free)?.
      I think Ethiopian people are victims of their rulers oppressing other nations so their wealth and men are dying. Unless you reckon that and see the injust war with the people demanding the undeniable rights is one of the problem, then you not propose lasting solution.

  • serbedin

    those somlis should get their right of self determination as we done it for Eritrea why we suffer with war again and again we can live peacefully after their independence i think everyone can live with respect each other if we allow them their right to self determination our constituion allows that it is mentioned inj article 39

  • moha abdi

    ogadenya it will be fredom insha alaah and ethiopia never be there in ogadenya


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