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Junedin Sado to lose immunity from prosecution

Junedin Sado

(ESAT News) The Oromia State Council is poised to revoke the immunity of the Civil Service Minister Junedin Sado, who was demoted last week from Central Committee membership to an ordinary member of the Oromo People Democrtic Orgnization (OPDO).

According to informed sources within the Oromia State Council, the Minister is highly likely to lose his immunity from prosecution after he was brutally censured by his party’s internal review for accepting money from the Saudi Embassy through his wife, Habiba Mohamed.

The Minister’s wife, who is currently in jail, has been facing accusations of sponsoring and promoting acts of “terrorism” after she was caught while leaving the Saudi Embassy with a stash of cash and 500 Qurans at the back of her car.

Following the arrest of his wife, the Minister has responded by publishing a lengthy newspaper article in defense of his wife and also criticized the police officers handling the case whom he accused of detaining his wife without due process. He argued that there was nothing improper with accepting the money from the Saudi Embassy. He admitted that he personally approached the embassy for financial assistance to have a mosque built in his birthplace to fulfill the will of his deceased mother.

In its forthcoming meeting slated for next month, OPDO is also expected to replace the Oromia Regional State President Alemayehu Atomsa, who has already tendered his resignation due to ill health.

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  • Bekalu

    If the country is neck deep in debt well then we should give in and find another country that is what Junedin Sado finally admitted . Considering in just last year Ethiopia borrowed 8 billion dollars from foreign countries I say maybe the only choice left for the next generation is to divide the country in pieces by all districts/states getting their independence so they do not have to pay the debts that are increasing highly every year for Ethiopia not to mention the enemies that are lining up.


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