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EPRP Youth confront Siye Abraha in Washington DC

EPRP Youth confront Siye Abraha in Washington DC, October 7, 2012

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  • Dany

    Shame on your reporting !
    This is one facet of EPRP fiasco in the political arena.Had you been independent /people ‘s reporter , you should have also reported Seye’s disappointment of EPRP in that he said what EPRP teached after so long its young members hatred and vengence that kept us backward and subject to dictatorial rule .

    • Tazabe

      Yes I agree with the young man. He has the right to ask about his brothers. As previous members of Wayne Ato Seye and Ato Gebru should shade light about where these Tagaye brothers and sisters are. God bless our people and country.

  • Solomon

    What a brave young Ethiopians. That criminal Seye Abrha needs to be confronted always until he tells us what he did to our brothers. Seye is responsible for the disappearance of Debteraw, Belete, and many other patriotic Ethiopians. He also needs to tell us how he killed the brave Ethiopian elder Betweded Adane Mekonnon. Seye was the Defense Menister when TPLF massacred over 40,000 Amharas in Arbagugu and Bedeno.

  • ethioman

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