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Worried Meles wants to meet Isayas Afewerki

By Barry Malone

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said he is willing to meet Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki despite more than 10 years of bitter words and a bloody border war.

Eritrea last month accused Ethiopia of blocking its participation in African Union (AU) summits in Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa — seat of the 53-nation body.

Responding to questions, Meles denied the claims and said Isaias was welcome in Ethiopia.

“If the Eritrean government is eager to send any person, whether the president himself or any person, and participate in meetings they will be treated exactly like any other delegation,” Meles told reporters late on Thursday.

Meles said it was Addis Ababa’s obligation as AU headquarters.

The 1998-2000 war between two of the world’s poorest countries killed at least 70,000 people. An independent border commission in 2002 awarded the flashpoint town of Badme to Eritrea but Ethiopia still occupies the territory.

“I am prepared to talk to anybody on matters that help peace in the neighbourhood,” Meles said. “So as I have made it very clear on many occasions we are ready to talk to them at any level, at any time, any place.”

Meles did not say whether he was willing to discuss the border issue.

“I have no obligation to meet him at the airport,” Meles added.

In December, the U.N. Security Council imposed sanctions on Eritrea, accusing it of backing rebel groups in Somalia, where at least 21,000 people have been killed in violence since the beginning of 2007.

The sanctions, adopted in December and backed by 13 of the 15 members of the U.N. Security Council, include an arms embargo, travel restrictions and asset freezes for some of the country’s top officials.

Asmara says the Security Council is a proxy for the United States and says the multi-state body continues to ignore the fact that their territory is being occupied by Ethiopia, Washington’s strongest ally in the Horn of Africa.

(Editing by Giles Elgood)

Source: Reuters

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  • simret

    How shame Meles says he wanted to shake hands with Esayas and says he will not meet him at the Airport? is’t this a wishfull dream for meles that esayas will come un invted and meles will be in his bedroom so that he does not see Esayas, and then esays has to search for him in the streets of Addis Ababa. Isn,t his statement like a childish game.T This is where meles fails. He is showing that he is a thugnt a statesman. This is an indication that he is not a politician and never wanted peace.This is what attitude he has.This is one of the leaders of Africa who behave like a street smart thieves.A thieve always shy away from the truth, does not come face to face with people who challenge him, like what meles is telling us.Meles is only good and smart at talk talk. and talk talk is for the illusive theives.He is also good for a servant for someone as far as he gets money. He has never had the quality of a statesman. That is why we say he is not a match for Afeworkki. When Afeworki speaks he is serious about it. Afeworki works to make peace from the realistic point of view and practicality.
    when meles says he wanted peace he meant that he is joking about it. But Eritreans never expect peace to come from Meles or his group. They are thugs who were the instigators of the devastating war of 1998 deliberately to benefit from war and destruction.Of course they did. They recieved billions to do their war and steal part of the money for their private lives as well. After all the negotiations and court ruling which put Badme well in Eritreaand the final and binding ruling of the court, meles started going round the bush not to accept the ruling. then came out from his hole and said yes we accept it in principle. then he has to beat the drum for a couple of years an later said yest we have accepted it . Then he said but we are not leaving the Eritrean land we want a dialogue. and it is now about mor thean five years he is not saying anything and now has come with this new senari saying yes I want to speak to Esayas but I do not want to recieve him. Why all this like a child game.he is saying this while he stillis occupying badme and many other soveriegn Eritrean lands which is tantamount to declartion of war.He has declared war on us and say I want peace. So how on earth can he speak about peace and speaking to Eritrea when he has deliberatly declared war on us. What conclusion do people make out of meles’ statments. Probably some would laughand say my god. and some may declare him peace loving. We eritreans do not even need to repond to what meles says but we have to challenge some reporters who may believe him and knowingly or unknowingly who try to promote him as a peace maker. Meles is only ready for war. never ever being ready for peace. but we are waiting for a time when someone who loves peace to come for Ethiopia and shake hands with them if there will be one. If at all meles wanted to show the world that he is for peace the first thing that he has to do is just vacate Eritrean land. There is no other way to peace.The law is behind us, the truth is behind us.The Technology is behind us. The border is well known and delimited and we know where our border line is. Yes they also know well, where the border line is. It is the best delneated border line on earth by modern technology. So the first thing he need to do is just vacate Eritrean territories. From that on International relations may have a have take its course.

    Saying these all we understand that if meles gets the chance that makes him feel a bit stronger than he is now he will resort to war with Eritrea. This is defintely for sure. He is in somalia sometimes openly, sometimes secretly kiling somali chlidren and womsn, abducting men and destroying how on earth can meles deserve to be trusted as peace maker. We have not seen anything of it in the last 20 years at least.The same with Eritrea. He mrached to Somalia, because he felt he can beat every one and make them surrender and declare himself the hero of somalia. Unfortunately he left after he was beaten badly and wounded to unrepairable level, then he has to withdraw after learned the lesson the hard way. Then he declared we are out of Somalis but still pursuing hinde and open incursions.This is unti peace. Hadn,t meles gone to somalia the horn would have been a different place. somalis would have the chance to sort their things out themselves. We wouldn,t have been able to see what hooros is happening to the somali people as he is making them to fight each other. He intiated the border war thinking to reverse the independence of Eritrea.That was his only desire.his soldiers were at the war trenches with fishing nets thinking they will fish at the Red Sea coast immediately after they reach the red Sea coast. They came to occupy Eritrea. He tried to make eritrea like somalia. He is doing all sorts of evil overtly and overtly to dismantle Eritrea. But to No avail. No he wants to tell that he wants peace. He is not on that side of the divide. his anti peace in the region. the most thing is he is a liar. The Ethiopian people know him well but the Eritreans had enough as we knew him since the struglle to independence that he was moody and changing colours like the chameleon, where he declares war when he feels strong and speaks peace when he feels troubled until he get the way out.Meles is a liar he says something now with out having to think about its implications to him then an abshedly changes it next day. We are tired of hearing such things. He deported 80,000 Eritreans with out haveing to pack their clothes and ordered his cadres to deport old,frailand bed ridden, disabled, blind,people,heavlily pregant women who gave birth on the way to eritrea on the roads and under treaa, many of them died because they could not walk as they were heavily pregnant;children including under one year olds were separed from their parents when their parents were deported and people were not made to have a short way journey to the border of Eritrea but were driven all over the country just to reach short distances an so on…. Whatconclusion does one make out of these heinous actions. Meles is the same race as most Eritreans but the only difference he wanted to make a distinction was the colour of the eye and said if I do not like the colour of their eyes they have to leave. Racist or not he tried to boast for his actions. such things manate from an evil heart. Not from a sensible heart. So if meles says peace now and then to pretend we tell him all your lies better put them in your pocket which means no one is interested in your words.

    The only problem is foreign journalists are beleieving what he tells them. and they are taken for a ride by his words not knowing that he is a liar, not knowing they are spreading false statements.Not knowing that they are fooled by his words and covering up his deads. if a journalist is just to spread what one sayes then they are serving the liar.

    We have heard a lot and seen a lot from meles an abashedly making false statements just to twist them the next morning. we call him a snake with two tongues and a man with a twisted hear.

  • seifu

    end of weyane is comming.
    weyane/tplf is cornered ny ethiopian & eritrean
    meles wants to save tplf.
    we will get you soon.
    we all ethiopian have to join eritrean and fight weyane.

  • mesfine

    we knew now Ato Melesse is chalnged by the oppositions big time.


    Former senior tplf front runners recall how “genocider meles” is a trembling man during the gorilla war. They said, he used to go to the nearby bushes to defecate several times in without actually defecating whenever a war looms. Tribal junta leader “genocider meles” was actually urinating standing when there was an imminent war. Now being in a turbulent situation, he is begging Isayas Afeworki to travel to Addis and help him to rule Ethiopia in time of a perilous moment.

    Ethiopians around the Globe, please send letters to the Westerners to divulge the true nature of “genocider meles.”

  • true

    The best thing will be for him to peacefully give up power. However, he has started inciting the Rwanda Interhamwe. That indicates he wants violence in the country. Ethiopians especailly those pro ethnic groups better understand this to do the opposite and seek election based on peace! Ethiopia is not that kind of a nation.

    Now is also the time for Ethiopians to work hard to bring down Meles and Co. and any of their stooges that can cause trouble for Ethiopians. It is just not enough to say, “We got him!” Until there is peaceful transition, we can’t just sit still. The danger now is, Meles could scare Isayas as usual that if pro Ethiopia factions take over, Eritrea could be in trouble. We know that Meles is not going to be trusted, can Isayas? Who knows. We Ethiopians have to be vigilant! Viva Medrek! Viva Ginbot 7!

  • manalmosh

    Issayas Afeworki blamed the last war on America. That is what is giving Meles Chenawi hope. Now the both of them can blame America, that way they can scapegoat the tens of thousands of people they killed and wounded for no reason.

  • Almi

    The person who authorized the jamming of VOA for speaking the truth now says he wants to meet isayas. This despot is desperate to rescue his dying, hated ethnocentric regime.

    He always fears that if opposition allies with eritrea, that would be the end of him and his kingdom. So, he would leave no stone unturned to stay in power forever.

    However, he knows deep inside his heart that he is much hated dictator in ethiopia and he is in real trouble, both in the country and abroad. Now it is plain to every one except himself that he can’t trick his own supporters.


  • M Gonder

    I believe we Ethiopians very week people and we talk too much no action. this woyane criminal group should not be in power even for one hour let alone 20 years humiliation, destruction and colonization. Therefore woyane is the enemy of ethiopia just like our historical enemy so we need to re- arm our selves and face woyane in the battle ground not only propoganga war by doing this we can get our freedom and dignity as well as our country’s reputation back.

  • Samson

    Prime Genocider Strokawi meets President of Giant prison UNSC sanctions prisoner.


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