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Worldwide protest held on 15th May for Freedom and Justice in Ethiopia

Updated 18th May

Originally Posted 16th May 2009

Abbay Media | LONDON; The committee of the International Network against Repression and Injustice in Ethiopia organized another successful World Wide Demonstrations on May 15 2009, also the commemoration date of the 4th Year anniversary of the stolen Ethiopian Election of 2005, the day when the Ethiopian people showed their readiness to embrace democracy by going to the polls and overwhelmingly voting for the opposition, which was later overturn by Meles’ TPLF brute force.

On this commemoration day, Ethiopians in different parts of the world rallied at the United States Embassies in London, Berlin, Bern, Rome, at the White House in Washington DC, and at UN Missions in Geneva, to appeal to President Barak Obama and the US administration to support the people of Ethiopia in their struggle for freedom and justice. (See pictures below)

In a letter sent to President Barak Obama at the White House and also submitted to the US Ambassadors in Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Norway and Sweden, the protesters asked to help the passage of a law that makes the regime in Ethiopia accountable for the series of gross violation of human rights it has committed on its citizens over the years and assist with the investigation of Genocide initiated by Genocide watch.

Listen to Audio report by DW Amharic Radio regarding May 15th International Rally

Addis Ababa
Prof. Abbink


Video of Protest at London’s US Embassy


In front of US Embassy in Berlin (Below) Updated 18th May


In front of US Embassy in Sweden (Below) Updated 18th May


In front of US Embassy in London (Below)


In front of UN Human Rights Office in Geneva (Below)


In front of the White House in Washington DC (Below)


In front of US Embassy in Bern (Below)


In front of US Embassy in Rome (Below)


In front of UN Head Quarters in Geneva (Below)

In Geneva, a five member delegation of the Swiss branch of the International Network were received by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, her Excellency Justice Navanethem Pillay.

Her Excellency Justice Navanethem Pillay is the very person to whom the Genocide Watch president Dr Gregory Stanton wrote a letter urging her to investigate the genocide case in Ethiopia.

The Delegation discussed with her on the prevailing thorny political environment in Ethiopia, about the letter of Genocide watch, the issue of political prisoners in Ethiopia and the illegal detention of Judge Birtukan Mideksa, artist Tewodros Kassahun and many Political prisoners in Ethiopia. The delegation presented a letter prepared by the Swiss branch of the Network endorsing Genocide watch request and urging the high commissioner to expedite the process.

Among the slogans the protesters held and shouted were:

You have the opportunity to put right the wrongs of previous administrations!
History is on your side, say no to regimes who repress their people – like in Ethiopia!
Don’t be a bystander to genocide, repression and sate terror on Ethiopia!
Free Birtukan Midekssa, teddy Afro and all political prisoners!
Help us to make dictatorship history!
Help us bring Meles to Justice!


Previous World Wide Ethiopian Protests in 2009 organized by the International Network against Repression and Injustice in Ethiopia;

14th January 2009 (click above for more details)

2nd March 2009 (click above for more details)


2nd April 2009 London’s G20 (click above for more details)




Comments (32)

  • Robele Ababya

    Admiration, respect and pride combined to let me see in tears this magnificient courage and patriotism of my fellow Ethiopians clad in our superbly elegant flag.

    Thank you profoundly Abbaymedia for making me feel spiritually present with these heroic Ethiopians.

    God bless Ethiopia

  • Anonymous


  • Samson

    Great job! Unity is strength as the saying goes. From Washington to Roma, dear Ethiopians showed what one has to do. show unity against injestice willingness to fight as one. The message in Geneva was the right message on the right place. Let the international community act now! I think we are not alone and the era of Wayane is at its very last moment.
    Thank you Abbay Media.

  • Mesfin

    I am so proud to see my country men and women out there speaking for all Ethiopians. I am so touched. Let us keep fighting Meles. Soon or later he will go down.

  • Meles Zenawi

    I can smell it from distant. The end is very very close. All thugs and thieves of the WOYANE gangisters have no where to hide. No Harare. No Sudan. No where. Not even a good sleep. Justice is well armed and coming on a very high speed train to give them back to the Ethiopian people. Wow yane! when freedom rises up on my home land. wow yane …..

  • Zegeye

    How effective is rallying from far away cities to bring change in Ethiopia. It would be wiser to negotiate with Sudanese government to allow Ethiopians to work from Sudan. That is how TPLF did it. I think some of us Ethiopians are forgetful. It was the British and Americans who put meles and his group in Power. This kind of demonstration is just “a feel good exercise“. TPLF did not rally in London or DC. They organised themselves from Sudan.

    I hope I am wrong. Can anyone tell me its benefit? I remain to be corrected.

  • Yoftahe Nigusse

    In the short time of your existence you’ve shown a remarkable progress in rallying fellow Ethiopians against tribal dictatorship.

    Meles Zenawi’s regime in a desperate situation.The popular and peaceful struggle for democracy as opposed to the regimes confused Revolutionary Democracy won’t be reversed.

    Let’s stride until our people are freed from the clutch of the Woyanne regime.

    Have a Great week End!!!

  • Yared

    Crying, crying always crying but no change. Please try some other method. rally doesnt work any more other than heard throgh VOA.

  • abeydesie

    That is really great job, abbay media keep doing it.

    It is a proud to see such united Ethiopians in one and only one heart and mind all across US and Eu.The pursuit of peaces, justices and unity to all Ethiopia. The day will be to soon that God to wipe the tears of The Ethiopian.

  • Otto

    What can I say! You guys made me proud today. This is the love of country. This is the love of fellow country people. This is speaking for the voiceless. By the way, I try to do my part by participating in demonstartions in my city. Tplf dictator should know that we will never give up on our country or people. We shall win!!!!

  • illuminati

    when you people understand that meles will go when the elite says it’s time to go!! he is just a puppet just like barack obama is!! maybe if you rally against the New World Order, they will get rid of meles and replace him with another puppet which u might be acustome to!!

  • Mogedegagnaw Newte

    It is really a great job! I am proud that we are standing togther so that the evil time in our country comes to an end. Bravo! Let us keep pushing more than ever.

  • Anbese

    Well done Ethiopian, Who are standing for Justice, Freedom and Democracy against Weyane Brutality.
    Let us standing with G7 Movement fo Justice, Freedom and Democracy.

  • Fikru

    Yared,you stink like meles zenawi shut up of your mouth.You don’t understand what struggle means and what scared meles.

  • seifu

    I rather applaud them to let us know (which we all hope to listen) the view of Isayas under the situation Ethiopians find themselves.

    Whether we believe it or not, we must form strategic alliance with the Eritrians to remove the fasco dictator Meles. In that context, the interview by Elias and his colleague is rather important and should be supported and encouraged. The invitation by Isayas may be out of his interest to work with the Ethiopian People. With that in mind, it is rather a good move to have such kind of interview.

    If the case were directed to Meles, everybody knows that meles will never tell the truth. As he is criminal being directed by the Genocide Watch International and who is waiting for his day at the International Criminal Court, he will never tell the truth. He will live in denial and continue aggravate the scale of his criminal record.

    In the course of this period, we can notice one thing: those who have problem working with Eritrians are mainly those who have links with the regime in Ethiopia.

    BTW, the there is still a mind boggling why the Editor of Ethiomedia have problems in working with the Eritirian people. We see very often that he is quick to denigrate anything related with Eritria.

  • wondesen

    u need in Ethiopia feedam not tomrro now
    wondesen hailemarayam

  • Hailemeskel

    Bravo fellow Ethiopians !!!
    Bravo Abbaymedia !!!!

    Now, We are living human beings, we are Ethiopians once again. We are no longer inert, no more apathetic, it is high time we stood up in unison to safeguard the Motherland from destruction.

  • Abbay

    Wel done Abbay Media. Thank you all concerned Ethiopians. Keep it up. Surely your effort will be worth while.

    God bless you!!!

  • wondesen hailemarayam

    campaign of Ethiopian abuse of human right democracy liberty freedom so all Ethiopian
    political party stand for our human right democracy free society u need now not tomrro
    wondesen hailemarayam

  • daniel girma

    Melese and his collaborater must face justice at the HUGE so that EPRDF is not a legitiment governement.Unity is a strength a strength of victory

  • Muluneh Yohannes

    Abbay Media,
    An excellent report. Thank you for your hard work.
    It is great to see our unity of purpose all over the world.

  • first lady

    elelel wegenoch korahubachiw enem kezih kearemene wpyane bale mamelach eyafelaku naw…..ayzon ta woyane mot kerbole.

  • Mengesha kebrom

    Yes, this is Ethiopianism. We shall continue pressing on until our beloved people is free from backward ethnocentric ruling.

    God bless the united effort of Ethiopians

  • pepe

    i proud of my lovely brader and sis love ETHIOPIA

  • Woube

    Some of the comments above have interesting dimensions.
    Yes, I totally agree that, Melese ethnocentric paranoid group will not go only by mass demos in the great metropolis of America & Europe. Equally, I do not see any harm of the demos so far as we perceive them as the necessary but not sufficient conditions for change. Necessary, because with out a popular movement democratic process is unthinkable.
    Not sufficient, because Melese group had proved beyond any shred of doubt that, change in Ethiopia is not possible only through peaceful means.
    The challenge here is trying to integrate different forms of struggle to a common, better end.

  • Dawit Eliffe

    As an Eritrean,I sincerey understand the plight that which is ravaging the souls of every Ethiopian sons,dauthers,mothers and fathers by this demonic incarnet ruffians Weyanenites and it should be condem and brought to JUSTICE.There will never be any barrier or wall between the Eritrean and Ethiopian peoples to stop us from cooperating to safeguard our safity,security and dignity from any unhololy allinces of the servants of Slave Traders and company.
    Weyane,the burden of the Ethiopian people, must and should be uprooted once and for all the same as polio and malaria.But it it high time that our Etiopian brothers and sisters come to the relization that the goodness of one brother is the goodness of the other.
    Forget the AU or the UN or any **United/Unions for that matter to come and set you free from the shacles you find yourselve.It is not in their nature and interest.How do you expect the AU,the new verssion of the disfunctional OAU,can be any differen? Atleast we know that economically or in maintaining peace and order thes so cold African States are not any better than Ethiopia.Not only do we assume, but it is safe and logical to come to a conclusion that all these bankrupt African nations are not even in a position to contribute their due to run the AU resposibly for the AU is under the payroll of some foregn powers whose interest are domination and subjucation people like us in order to rob and steal the wealth of nations (including Ethiopia). For these resons and others,UN has no teeth of its own to bite.Under such circustance there is no hope unless we work together for own good.

    We have to overcome our shortcoming and deficiencies of not allowing ourselves from evolving to accept that we are not only flesh, blood and bones but as the manifestation of the Soverein Supreme Magnificence in soul and mind.We have to think Supremely and experience the living of the Supreme not the as a domestic pets!

  • neighbour

    Brothers n sisterrs keep up, u r doing good job, ethiopia is great n ation wsith great pp;l but ikt alwayus .lacks great leaders, therefor edthiopia needs a goold leadedr not a bad monkey in menelik pazlas, menelik palas should be for humans n ot m onkey like melers.

  • Fitihalle

    Our ancestors caused liberity of mankind around the world. Yes, Ethiopians caused to stop slavery and colonialism.

    Now, historical enemies sponsorred a bogus gang to remove our historical heritages and sovereign mind.

    The repression is good because it drills our inner most. That is being reflected around the world. Our ancestors were not stopped by weapons of mass destruction: small pox, mastergas, etc.

    The repression and crime due to Woyane will further triger the hidden ancesteral heroism and human values.

    In the fight against woyane, Ethiopians will cause just solutions to many global problems.

  • shwa mola

    ONE COUNTRY !!!!

  • mimi (frm london)

    As we all know about Melese abuse of human right democracy liberty freedom. also our families suffered, still suffering and dying for us, and we live here comfortable life it’s the duty of everyone of us to take this responsibility to bring changes for our people, enough sufferings, no more silent it has gone to far we the young generations of the future have to take the future of us and our country more seriously

    Please accept this invitation to give up some of your time and join us in many demonstrations planned in the world in the days and weeks to come make your voice hared don’t be afraid, you will not improve your life and that of your family by being afraid God will help you if you help yourself by joining in for better future for all of us, it is no impossible but we have to stare at some point all of us. i love uuuuuu all ethiopian peoples i believe one Ethiopia, one Country one PEOPLES love u ALL

  • lion

    how long we live in babylon ,meles if you go …GO.WE BELIVE IN CHANGE BLESS ETHIOPIA


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