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Teddy Afro’s attorney and editor of Addis Neger sentenced

Posted 6th August 2008


Report by Eskinder Nega.

Addis Ababa.

Judge Luel Gebremariam sentenced Teddy Afro’s defense attorney Milllion Assefa, to a month and twenty days imprisonment, while also imposing a suspended one month imprisonment on the editor of Addis Neger, Mesfin Negash.

The sentencing was for a news report that appeared on the July 26 issue of Addis Neger, which carried a story about the controversial trial of Teddy Afro. The story quoted the defendant’s attorney, Million Assefa, who spoke of his intention to press charges against the presiding judge at the judicial administration commission; which screens the judiciary.

The defendant’s attorney deemed the last ruling by the court, which mandated for the continuation of the trial after the finale of the dubious evidences presented by the state prosecutor, as illegal.

The judge conceded that the statement was made out of court and that disciplinary complaints could be filed against him, but insisted that both his and the court’s reputations have been compromised.

Judge Leul also chastised and imposed the suspended sentence on Mesfin Negash, even though he and two other journalists, Abiy Teklemariam and Girma Tesfaw, offered an audio recording of the defendant’s attorney interview for evidence.The judge maintained that they are compelled by law not to run the story because “it infringes on the reputation of the court.”


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  • sherefedin

    Belew Ahunese abezute, god may be with them

  • Bekele

    Personally I am not for Million Assefa as I was very disappointed with what he did after the May 2005 election. But this ruling by the judge Leul is utterly ridiculous. This is a country that talks about the rule of law. Shame on the Ethiopian justice system manipulated by the tyrants in Arat kilo.

  • sertsedingle

    Abatu Dagna Liju kemagna malet yehe new!

  • Andenet

    Squashing people right is continuing ……!!! As the Holy Bible teaches us “Man harvests what he has sown” one day may Judge Luel Gebremariam get his hand.

  • haimanot

    This is a drama to make hodader Million a hero. Can’t you get it??

  • Geta

    ZEYIGEREM DAGNA.I’ve never expected something better out of Woyane judiciary system.

  • Hagos Araya

    Esssssssssssseeeeeeeeyyyyeeeeee….Million Assefa…yibeleh

    I am so sorry about the editior of Addis Neger, but as i showed above I am so glad that weyane has sentenced Million. However, million should’ve been sententend life prision as he read the life in prision sentence decission of meles seytanawi on kinijit leaders. This is a best lesson for all weyane caders that Meles and its tplf gangs wouldnt even care for thier partners. They said “ BESEFERUT KUNA MESEFER AYKERM” I remember this guy was one of the idiot HODAM judges that had read the meles seytanawi decision on the former kinijit leaders sentence to life in prison. Million, should’ve stayed away from being meles seytanawi loyal judge. Anyway, I don’t care about million, however, other weyane caders and loyal to weyane servers should take this lesson that meles seytanawi would not give any excuse for the sake of power. Those who didn’t take a lesson from Seye, Haylom, Kinfe and this idiot lawyer are only dummies that are chasing things for their bellies. I urge all hodam cadres of weyane to stop and take the necessary cautions before carrying out the next meles seytanawi duties.
    By the way the Ethiopian people are very welcome for those Weyane members and servers who will be deciding to leave the weyane mafia group……THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE A BETTER TIME FOR WEYANE CADRES TO GET OUT OF WEYANE THAN NOW…..otherwise if you guys wait until weyane is forcefully removed you guys will be taken all the punishment along with the major orchestrators of weyane criminal officials.

  • ARBAMINCH-Sikela

    So what? what is new? I am amazed by some of you as if this is new. We know that the rule of Law in Ethiopia is devide and rule. Period. There is no one capable of turning this country to a different direction except may be GOD unless the almighty is still mad on us. Teddy is in prison, his lawyer followed, Prof. Asrat was sacrified, Tamirat was sent to Kerchelle, Sudan is in Ethiopis or Gondar is in Sudan,another pending war with our brothers on the North……… we still cry about nuro wudenet. That is our jegnenet. It was not the Ethiopia we all know and the world witnnesed decadesago.

  • Arefe

    Honourable Million Assefa was new what Was doing ” Judge if you think my
    client don’t need I will quit ” it was a very Harsh word in court .things went
    wrong the judge never answered you are not allow me cross examine your
    defense you do the job of prosecutor this is another reality. the so called
    testimony is not presented on time I want disclosure to defend my client.
    therefor the Jude took the case personally.he didn’t bring the case to whom it concern. he accused and give judgement .What a rule of Law!!!!!
    Is it a country that I know before or Democracy is the son of Dictatorship?
    that is why we failed and ready to demolished. SINECORS ILLITRCY BANDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • belay

    this is jock they are doing like this in all matter .million is their HERO
    we know what is behined but still they are playing like kid.

  • wey__ gud

    other whys i canot woyit to hate ppl like you so emotional. you give a way to enemy haw to devided us. like mr HAGOSS AREYA. a shabian agent who try to devided ethiopians. this man is every where and he comment every time againest meles and tigraian ppl. and yet he is trying to tell us as if he is ethiopiawi kkk shame on you boy. you can talk the talk but you cant walk. so pls mr hagoss from ethiopia hahahah stop caming to our and stop blame game every time. long live ethio unity.


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