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ONLF Controls the town of Shilaabo, an Eyewitness Said

Posted 26th June 2008

Jigjiga: Ethiopian Troops based in Ogaden region Eastern part of Ethiopia and ONLF Ogaden National Liberation Front, Army fought last night over Shilaabo District of Qorahay Zone.

ONLF controls the town of shilaabo,an eyewitness said, there have been fierce fighting aroud 3 hours, and finaly Ethiopian troops, left the town, then early morning of wenesday ONLF commender address the people of town and told that they are free and unite with Troops of ONLF.

Last Months,The Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi claim that his troops have killed or captured 95 percent of Ogaden National Liberation Army in the Ogaden But soon after ONLF rejected and said, it is a sign of the level of desperation the current regime has reached in dealing with the realities in the Ogaden. After declaring war on the Ogaden people and ONLF in June last year and embarking on scorched Earth policy in the Ogaden

Shilaabo Town near Ogaden basin wells where almost rich in natural gass and petrol ,but is is not clear if they go again over there or not ,eyewitness told ogadenpost, No civilian died, because the fighting was in military camps and is not known extactly losses of waringsides added.

International Reporters are generally barred from the area where almos 5 Million somali speaking live in Eastern part of Ethiopia Geographically known as Ogaden Region.

Ogaden made headlines last April when ONLF gunmen attacked a Chinese-run oil exploration field and killed 74 people mainly of Ethiopian Troops and 9 chines but as ONLF officails reported they never intend to kill chines.

On june 22 Human Rights Watch said its 130-page report was based on interviews by its researchers with more than 100 victims and eyewitnesses of abuses by soldiers,
These widespread and systematic atrocities amount to crimes against humanity.

Yet Ethiopia’s major donors, Washington, London and Brussels, seem to be maintaining a conspiracy of silence around the crimes,New York-based Human Rights Watch said Ethiopian troops are beating and strangling civilians, staging public executions and burning villages in Ogaden. It said the allegations were based on more than 100 eyewitness accounts.

The ONLF say they are fighting for autonomy for their ethnically Somali region Ogaden. , and aid workers say nearly a million people there need humanitarian help.

Source: Ogaden Post



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